Kiara Bay!

I know, right! weird blog name?

Well, I happen to stumble upon this amazing girl on Quora and I am totally amazed.

This girl is just 20 years old and how wise does she sound? This is actually marveling.

For more details on Quora, it is a platform which is used to ask questions on any topic. The beauty of platform is that questions can be answered by any person reading them. So very naturally, the person who is asking the question will get a lot of perspectives to his question.

This amazing girl, Kiara happen to be a 20 years old on the way of becoming college teacher. She lives in Italy. Her dad is doctor fighting hard against corona virus. She has a 25 years old elder sister but from her answer it feels that she is the one who is wiser.

Also, she is in a beautiful relationship with his long distance boyfriend.

Everything seems to be good and positive in her life and I feel that is the reason I admire her so much after reading her couple of answers to various questions related to life in general. But hey, just stop.

Life is not all rosy for her as well. She happened to be a victim of sexual harassment, slut shaming, abusive relationship, teenage rebellion and what not?

The best thing I liked about her is that she overcame everything and have came out as a beautiful (both inside and outside) lady.

I just wish I could have so much clarity on what I wanted to do or what type of person I wanted to be with in my 20s.

Hell, I don’t have clarity on what i really want to do in my life in even early 30s. Now, when I have a vague idea of what I really want to do, I feel somehow that I have missed so much that I really cannot do.

The worst thing about it is that my potential would be unused for the rest of my life.

Yes, I do have a job but I don’t have a career. Everything I do, it feels like this is not “it”.

Sometimes, I feel there is something wrong with me and I will not be satisfied with my career for my whole life.

Probably, I will get used to it with time but I will never be able to realize my full potential like i have said earlier.

Why purpose is so important to me?

Why I cannot be satisfied by doing job which is paying my bills very easily. It always feels that something is lacking but why does it feel always. Why am i a restless soul?

Why cannot i be satisfied in what i have?

I think it is high time i should start practicing gratitude in my life to bring back that placid satisfaction and lost happiness.

I know I have screwed it up badly in my previous office and current office by not fixing a goal and following it religiously and somehow I get the idea that I will screw up my next station as well unless i fix this problem of creeping dissatisfaction.

I have not done my job and have  not lived my life very well till today, but the best thing is that now I am realizing this, I can fix it.

May be force of this entire universe with me and may be I able to do what I needed to, to live happily.

Why i cannot fix a purpose and be fine with it?

Why I cannot be fine with the goal of becoming a teacher in College,like Kiara Bay wants to be one.

I feel that probably this is one of the reason why her story strongly resonates with me because her dream is similar to my dream but perhaps she has necessary courage and determination to do it while it feels as of today I had nothing except creeping dissatisfaction and the ability to crib at everything which god (universe) had given me.

I understand that my some of the wishes have not been granted and fulfilled but tell me, who is the one whose every wish at all points of time have been fulfilled by universe. Sometimes universe withhold her ability to grant our wishes because we are not in a rightful state to receive it and it has happened with me as well.

That’s why some of my wishes have not been granted true. The best part of this scheme that she has given me wisdom eventually to realize it and to work for it.

From today, I will be making and keeping a promise of practicing gratitude that universe has given me everything in abundance.

I have a very loving and adorable family.

I have a very loving fiance.

I have a job that can pay my bills and can make a future money reserve which will be needed for those 6 years.

I have a good body to which I start loving more from today by exercising and meditation.

For now, lets focus on preceding points and practice gratitude and probably the goal gets cleared on the way to practice gratitude.













Honest is a best policy!

Hello All!

So, I was browsing through what to watch before heading to my office desk and I found this amazing series called Jaipur Lit fest. It is a series of episodes on Jaipur Lit fest talks.

Jaipur Lit fest is the most prestigious annual literature festival of our country. For more information, you can refer to Wikipedia on Jaipur Literature Festival, because I am yet to read it and gain knowledge on it.

Anyway this has given me 2 life goals.

  1. I want to be a part of Jaipur Literature festival one day, some day.
  2. I want to read Manto

The first episode is on Manto and to be ashamed of the fact that, I don’t know anything about him.

What little, I can take from snippets is that, Manto was very Honest man and he wrote and said what was in his mind, in him.

The episode was a talk show, featuring Nandita Das (director of Manto Man movie), Nawazuddin Siddqui (actor who played the lead role of Manto in movie) and hosted by Vinod Dua ,the food man.

The other two points in episode which caught my attention were:

  1. Nawazuddin is a man surrounded by lies in Mumbai Mahanagri and so had to practice being honest in form and in character to play Manto. (It was told so by man himself).
  2. He was not always surrounded by lies. Once upon a time, in his childhood, when he was living in a small village, he was as pure and honest like a crystal clear mirror.

Now why these points caught my attention?

These preceding points are touching many beautiful and honest stories like Manto did himself.

These points are telling that success does not come easy and one has to undergo many changes and has to adapt skillfully to many unpleasant situations to be successful.

You need to adapt to changes if you want to stay relevant and successful irrespective of pleasantness quotient of changes.

Like our Manto man “Nawazuddin Siddqui” who once was a sweet innocent honest village boy and was surrounded by honesty had to change himself and adapt to lies and Maaya of Mumbai Mahanagri to carve his place therein.

So, I feel that success and relevance do not cone easy. One has to pay a huge price for it.

The other story which I can take away is that everyone has a hunger for recognition and appreciation. It is a raw human need.

Manto Man Nawzuddin Siddqui on being asked whether he would like to be a star or to be an actor,told that he would like to have it all.

So raw and honest again 🙂

Do you crave for recognition and appreciation as well ?

Do you want to go back to simpler times when you can enjoy life without a pretense of changing yourself to unpleasant situations?

Leaving this note honestly and openly for you to ponder upon.



Bombay is rain ready, are you?

BMC (Bombay municipal corporation) is making an effort to use this “time-off” given to all of us compulsorily by lockdown effectively.

They are carrying out maintenance work on railway tracks to make Bombay rain ready. Also, while providing means of employment to labor class.

So what is new in this news? Why BMC has not done it efficiently before?

The reason is simple and straightforward to guess.

The roads are empty and devoid of traffic congestion and so all patches which can be done only when people are not around, are undertaken by BMC these days along with rest of the patches on roads and railway tracks.

BMC is trying best to convert threats posed by Corona to Opportunity of having safe commute in coming monsoon.

Are you ready to effectively use your time-off and prepare to convert this threat to opportunity of making your lives better?

Are you, really?

Breaking News : I protect you, you protect me

Another news being read, another entry is made here 🙂

While we dont have to use N90 and N95 masks unless we are front line workers fighting against novel corona virus, we can make simple cloth masks at home and can save ourselves, our family our loved ones and our country against novel corona virus.

Hey entrepreneurs sitting idly in each one of us, are you even listening?

I protect you, you protect me, my country and my economy 🙂

Covid-19 Panic attack: A Story of quintessential mask

So, right now I am reading a very interesting article on masks, yes soldiers against Covid-19 virus.

As the virus is novel and an invincible breed of corona family, as of now, everyone is experiencing panic attacks to different degrees.

Earlier, center and states administrative authorities have released an announcement to spread awareness about how the Indian citizens can defend themselves against Covid-19 virus.

The sad reality is that governments, scientists, health researchers, think tanks are all ignorant of this new breed and its deadliest new ways of infecting common man. Yes, in best interest of common man, they have announced and made wearing masks compulsory while a common man takes his common stroll around the corners of street.

While the virus keep spreading infections in a very deadliest possible way, the authorities and stakeholders have realized that masks are really not necessarily to wear, if we can cover our mouths and nose with thick cloth to keep out droplets, supposedly containing novel virus, exhaled by infected person.

So, N90 and N95 masks are really not necessary for common man to use. These specialized masks are for front line workers who are fighting against novel Covid 19 virus.

Issued in best interest and safety of all  🙂

A doggy’s day out: It happened in Lucknow

So, I have just watched a news on television, yes the quintessential idiot black box, the news is of three women trying to take their doggy to a doctor.

It happened in Lucknow, where these three women were found to be arguing with policemen as they were holding women back on the way to doctor.’s visit.

The most interesting thing to note here is that, these three women were trying collectively to give their doggy a day out and necessarily a vet-visit.

I somehow feel, policemen were right in stopping them as the act of taking dog to a vet can be carried out very easily by a single person.

Moreover, they did not have any permission card or letter of authority which could have permitted them and would have made their way easier.

The point to note is here that we as an Indian national are now bored of lockdown.

If we,the middle class, is so bored of lockdown, when we are privileged to have food on table, roofs over us and somewhat meager money in our banks, that we cannot tolerate locked-in our comfort zones anymore, just think of workers’ plight. The ones who are underprivileged and don’t have basic amenities to live a life. Their day out is not a luxury but a necessity.

Lets think of them and what can we do to make their life easier and bearable?

Leaving you on this note.


Small things, Small fights

Hello All ,

A very warm welcome to my family, though it is non existent so far.

We often find happiness in small things…don’t you think so?

In fact, they say find happiness in little things. While I get that happiness lies in little things of daily life and we should try finding them in course of daily navigation, but have you ever thought that we fight also on little things, on very insignificant things, things that don’t have relevance 5 years down the line or 10 years down the line. Still at that point of time, we exaggerate the issue and make it larger than little selves. Small matters of ego, personality clashes, on our not so small but very insignificant self respect. Now when I look back at the incidents, I do find the similarity, the pattern we should say. People attach too much importance to themselves, their little effervescent lives and little matters of those temporary lives. If we can fight over small matters in our daily lives, like how can he occupy my favorite seat in office, how can he cut me in between or how he can make fun of what I am saying, then why cannot we find happiness in daily blessings of life. Like practicing gratitude for example by counting our small countless blessings and thanking people or nature or god in turn.

why cannot we do that?

With this post, I will try to practice gratitude daily in my life and will try finding more happiness in little cutesy things rather than fighting over those petty little things.

As I understand from writing this post, that big matters can take care of themselves, it is always little things which go out of hand and we have to take care of them by practicing gratitude and finding happiness and not fighting over them.

Or we can also say that when we keep ourselves busy in taking care of little things, the big things will be automatically taken care of.

What people usually say, live in the moment, dont dwell on past or dont swept away by future possibilities.

Just live in little moments!

Have a happy and safe day.

Bringing lazy summer days in routine life

Hello All!

These days, I am doing work from home like all of us. I mean I was always doing work from home even when I had the option to go to office.

Actually, I like doing work from home. I like the peace, calm and serene environment I get when i chose to work from home.

Also, my office is far off my home, so it is better to save time by not commuting and working from home.

It has been what one year, when I have started this practice of working from home and it has been quite such a bliss.

I mean what more to ask for.I live in a quiet, happy home and I have this flexibility to work from home. Life is a total bliss.

It feels like a long summer vacation, like lazy summer days where you can unwind and can relax with a luxury of working from home. Who says, we cannot have best of both worlds?

I never knew why I felt working from home so relaxing. I mean I understand, some days change is welcome plus no one wants to feel congested in Bangalore Traffic.

Even then, don’t I get bored sometimes when I am continuously doing work from home?

I have often asked this question to myself if not being asked by others, but actually no, I feel it very relaxing and comforting.

You know what, there is a comfort in familiarity and in regular surroundings, don’t you think so?

Anyway, so I was speaking about my comfort zone a.k.a home and the luxury of working from home.

Well, I feel there are many advantages to work from home, which I will be listing down and due to which, I never want to make an effort to step out of home.

Please do give it a read if you would like to explore various facets of working from home from an introvert’s point of view. You might want to adopt a couple of these pointers in your wishful thinking which might help you live and work in compulsory work from home amidst complete lock-down these days.

  1. There is a comfort in regular surroundings, we introverts need comfort of familiar patterns in work, surroundings, among people and in life in general.
  2. We introverts cannot cope up with too much stimulation in work place and in life in general, we need our work place and our lives to be quiet,calm and serene.
  3. There is a huge huge advantage of saving time off commuting, water cooler chit chats, endless coffee breaks and what-not time consuming and energy draining and mind numbing activities.
  4. You may also effectively manage your time throughout day while working more productively, you remember, no noise!
  5. You may take naps (if everyday tasks consume your energy too much) in between work to manage your well being. I cannot stress on how much rest and a good sound sleep have so important role in our well being and mental health.
  6. If you are  a working mother, you may manage your household chores and your young kids nicely and some what easily. There is no need of sending them to day care facilities.
  7. You may spend a lot of money while commuting or having costly lunches at office, birthday bashes with entire office team, in day care facilities of your little kids. But guess what, you do not need to spend a bit in all these activities as you are working from home. The joy of simple living, what do we call it Zen living, or the minimalist living. (Saving this topic to write a post on some other day.)

I wanted to write 10 pointers in this article like 10 pointers to bring lazy summer days in your regular days but I can only write 7. 😦

Never mind, now if it seems that it will work for you then do give it a thought and try doing some changes in your lifestyle or your living arrangements.

While you are at endorsing this idea, you must remember that every decision is a trade off and you have to pay cost for enjoying benefits. Sad materialistic world. </3

Please keep in mind that you need to be disciplined and good at time management skills. Also, you need to be aware of self care and your well being. Keep doing some exercises and take care of your diet. You need to keep your schedule light and tight and should have your meals on time.

In nutshell, for enjoying these 7 benefits of doing work from home, you need to be

  1. A Self starter
  2. Disciplined
  3. Good at time management and organization skills
  4. Keep taking short walks and breaks
  5. Be regular with meals
  6. Keep taking meals on time
  7. Keep taking rest and screen off time

See, it is that easy to live a simple living with working from home.

Love you all.

I would love to hear you, do share what you think in comments.

Many thanks,

Anamika 🙂




Love in time of Corona

Hello all my wonderful readers!

I know I am quite late in writing to you all, caught up in wedding preparations. I have to search for a new house for “us” after wedding as my fiance will be taking transfer to Bangalore. He is currently working in Indore, a quaint little town in India where you can satisfy your taste buds with different types of street food.

Oh I just forgot to introduce him. He is Nitin who loves food, travel and having lots of fun. So what? Huh. Every one around us seem to have these interests but he is someone I can count on 🙂 always and that makes difference in my life. 🙂

So he is traveling from Gurgaon, (near Delhi in India) to Bangalore just for helping me out in house search. He could have easily left this to me considering I am staying in Bangalore and so can easily access houses and can do a search for “Home”, but he is coming to be my side in these dire times of Corona.

I would say this is love in time of Corona.

By the way which title suits this article?

Love in time of Corona


The year when I met you and Corona!

Which one feels best to you?

Please let me know your choice with your wonderful thoughts and wishes in comments below.

Sending my warm wishes and love ❤ to all of you.

Stay loved.

PS: this is “us”WhatsApp Image 2020-03-16 at 12.49.34



A welcome Post

Hello all,

Hope you all are doing wonderfully fine in your lives at places where you live in, with your loved ones!

I am doing very well. It is a regular Thursday morning.

I have started my office work and as usual there is not a lot to do, counting myself lucky there.

So I thought of writing to all of you 🙂 A big warm smile on my face and a bear hug to all of you.

Starting with telling you my schedule for today: I have a counselling session at 1to1help counselling center. I will explore my answers of my gradual shift towards a happy homely life.

I know I have decided a major shift in my life as I am getting married in two months. Also, my fiance is highly supportive and encouraging of me to pursue what I want.

Yes, there was a time when i wanted my career to flourish and bloom. The tide of time has changed and I feel a lot of factors has contributed to this change.

Like mothering to mishti has brought level ahead changes, I could never thought of the earlier version when I could not love the children the way I do now.

Like taking a new pill for antidepressant has helped me a lot, well to be honest and true to myself, this has been communicated to me by Maa.

Also, I have started writing as a way to better understand and process my emotions and now I feel I am on the way to understand myself in a better way.

Oh I just forgot to tell you, Mishti is my sweet young niece, she is lovable, adorable cutesy little thing,

She has taught me many invaluable lessons in my life. Oh yeah, she is just 2 years  old but I feel age does not matter. Sometimes people can teach you more at young and innocent age than at some other time; some other age.

Anyway I am little late in posting it so serious apologies for holding myself back.

As I have mentioned it earlier, I am getting married in two months. The lots of preparations is sincerely taking lots of time.

I hope I get time to write to all of you. Till then, a happy bye.

See you then.

PS: This is happy me writing happily to all of you. Wish you a very happy day.

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